Mobile App Privacy Policy Highlights

Personal Information

If you do not make yourself known to Commotion by authenticating via Twitter or Facebook, your use of our content and services is anonymous.

When you connect to our service, we create a profile that allows the server to recognize your generated name (user_******) to facilitate conversation in the app. This profile does not associate your generated user name with any personally identifiable information.

If you opt to connect the app to your Facebook or Twitter account for login, we only use the information provided by the service to update your user name and image within the app. Disconnecting from the social account restores the default image and user name

We collect anonymous device and in-stream advertising performance statistics.

Google and Apple also collect anonymous information about application performance.

How we use your information

As stated above, user profiles facilitate conversation. Anonymous device and advertisement performance statics are used to evaluate and improve app and service performance. We do not deliver targeted advertising.

Information Sharing

Information such as your name and photo can appear as part of using the service when you opt to authenticate. This makes it visible to other users of the system. Commotion does not sell or rent your personal information to third parties.

However, anonymous app usage and advertising performance statistics are made available to Commotion employees and the client who contracts us to create and manage the app. The client can only see statistics related to their app.